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Gary Innes

“Jordan Kelly has worked with our team on a variety of tenders, and a variety of tender types.

“We are a small, tight-knit team, comprising everything from our Executive PA, to our Construction and Project Managers, our Estimators, our Business Development Manager, and myself, North Queensland Manager.

“What has been particularly gratifying and valuable about her involvement with our team, is that, while she lead us, taught us, and co-managed our activities with us, she was at the same time one of us. She was an absolutely integral member of our team.

“Although her mandate was to work with us on the production of our RFP responses, every aspect of her work with us actually became a coaching session and a learning experience in its own right. The residual value of her bid work with us has been immense in that regard. We simply don’t do things the same way any more, and in every part of our business development work and bidding activities we now find ourselves guided by the principles she has progressively instilled in us.

“Her involvement with us continues to be an asset to our operation.”


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