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Bruce Tener

“Recently I found myself in a position where I needed to decline an invitation to tender for a large corporation’s travel account.

“Having had a commercial arrangement with the corporation for the past 12 years, I wanted to be in the position of severing the relationship on good terms and keeping the door open for possible future contact.

“Jordan was recommended to me as someone who could assist with compiling suitable correspondence that was beyond the normal ‘thanks but no thanks’ letter.

“Many questions were asked and I had to search the far reaches of my thoughts to be able to give Jordan the answers – at times thinking, ‘What has this got to do with declining a tender offer?

“However, the end product was a very strategic letter that I could never have put together by myself, and a door that remains very much open (and business that continues to be done) with my most important customer, despite the fact that my company decided not to participate in the RFT.

“Thanks Jordan!”


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