To Bid or Not to Bid


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An educational Group Workbook, incorporating team discussion exercises.

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A significant and growing proportion of larger organisations now operate according to formal, highly detailed, point-scored, specific goal or criteria-based, multi-review/“multi-gated”, bid/no bid decision-making formulae.

Some of these highly prescriptive processes place eye-watering complexity before basic logic and critical thinking. And, for all their sophistication, there is often no specific “gate”, part of the process, or time, at which a decision is made. Truth be told, human nature and subjectivity are the usual default factors that end up dictating the decision anyway.

These highly prescriptive processes often don’t perform that well where the subject of a procurement is of a more “qualitative” rather than “quantitative” nature . . . in the case of a pure service delivery, for example.

The real value of a thorough and well-thought out bid/no bid decision analysis – whether highly structured or less so – results from asking the right questions (in a logically-progressing order) and seeking out well-researched answers . . . a customised, deep-thinking process during which a valuable perspective of the client and the opportunity is built. When that is followed by a realistic self-analysis (however that may be conducted), the framework is in place for making a genuinely strategic, properly informed decision.

In this Group Workbook, we’ll steer away from unnecessary complexity in the bid / no bid process – albeit we won’t sacrifice anything in the way of thoroughness in terms of our coverage of the core criteria and considerations that should influence, or direct, a decision as to whether to enter an Expression of Interest (EOI), Request for Proposal (RFP) or any other form of competitive pursuit.

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