The Art of the Debrief


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A duo of Field Guides (which can also be used, by a group leader, as training tools), designed for self-direction/ self-implementation.

Each of the two Field Guides comprises a series of tuition sections, including and/or followed by reinforcing, and highly specific, coaching instructions and Exercises in Module 1, and lists of Self-Assessment Questions in Module 2.

This is an annual subscription training product (with discounted renewal fees). For full details, please see bottom of course Description.


Field Guide No. 1 Maximising the Value of Your Debrief
46 Pages + Cover

Rarely, in my experience, does a bidder learn all it can from a customer’s de-brief. Frequently, far  less is learned than could be.

This represents a wasted opportunity. Why? Because if you won, you want to know exactly why  you won, in order to maximise your chances of winning again. If you lost, you have the chance to gain the insights you need to help you turn today’s loss into tomorrow’s win.

The key to getting the best value from a de-brief is to plan carefully, to extract every possible clue from the process.

De-briefs (especially those held for the benefit of the losing bidders) can be uncomfortable situations for the customer organisation and its evaluators. Field Guide No. 1 will help you formulate quality questions to bring forth the true insights you need, and will also prepare you to think on your feet during a less structured debrief.

Field Guide No. 2 Fearless Self-Assessment
18 Pages + Cover

Field Guide No. 2 walks bidders through the other – equally essential – component to improving an organisation’s bidding performance:  the intra-organisational debrief.

Your hunger for self-improvement will see you want to deliver your findings, and map out a plan for the implementation of multi-faceted improvements, with the relevant personnel and divisions within your broader bid team and organisation.

This Field Guide will guide you along as you seek to ensure the permanence of the insights you obtained during your debrief, and the incorporation of their value into future bidding processes.

Important Description of the Nature of Your Course Purchase

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Second year subscription: 129 USD (Subsequent years’ renewal fees TBA)

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