Producing On-Target, Bid-Specific Curricula Vitae




A nine-module series of group/self-training manuals for anyone tasked with writing bid-supporting Curricula Vitae or Biographical Profiles to accompany sales proposals.

  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • Bid Teams
  • Business Development Operatives
  • Bid Strategists
  • Bid Managers
  • Bid Writers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Corporations
  • Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs

Module 1 :  The Key Features of A Compelling, Project-Specific or Contract-Specific CV

Learn precisely what is it that makes a CV compelling, and its owner irresistible, to the evaluator.

Module 2 :  CVs As A Bid Strategy Support MechanismI

n an optimised submission, each CV, its owner, and every component of the CV’s content plays a direct and well-planned role in reinforcing both the overall strategy of, and the individual claims made within, the bid.

Module 3 :  CVs as a Point of Bidder Differentiation

Each CV represents a prime opportunity to demonstrate and provide detailed, reinforced proof points for all points of competitive superiority and differentiation made throughout the submission.

Module 4 :  The CV, the CV’s Owner & ‘the Why’

Each CV owner has a reason for being on the team selected to deliver the project or service the contract. The more impactfully this is both spelled out in, and the more intricately it is woven throughout, this important biographical piece, the greater the evaluator’s sense of confidence in the bidding organisation’s understanding of the client organisation and its project or procurement.

This equates, in the evaluator’s mind, to a competitively and comparatively low-risk selection of proponent.

Module 5 :  Planning the CV & Aligning It with the Bid Strategy

Ensuring each CV aligns with the relevant elements of the overarching bid strategy is key to drawing the relevance of the CV owner’s skills, and his or her indispensable value to the project or procurement.

Across the collection of the CVs, planning out each document in this manner loans substantial credence to the bid strategy as reflected throughout the rest of the bid.

Module 6 :  Interviewing for the CV

Conducting the interview for each Curricula Vitae is a delicate skill and not one possessed by many.

In this Module, I will coach you in the adoption of a skill set that represents a blend of an investigative journalist and a highly adept facilitator. I’ll show you how to direct the interviewee down the most productive paths of discussion, and I’ll also give you advice on how to get reluctant, difficult, or scrambled interviewees to open up and communicate coherently and enthusiastically.

Module 7 :  Crafting the CV

A well-crafted CV document will make it obvious to the evaluation team that the bidder has not only studied in depth and detail every facet of the Expression of Interest or Request for Proposal, but also that the bidder has conducted significant additional primary and secondary research into the project or procurement, the project owner or client, and its stakeholder or sales environment.

It will demonstrate clearly the reason for the selection of the team member, and also the competitively superior skills, talents and experience that individual brings to the client’s procurement, drawing out every aspect of relevance . . . and, in doing so, optimising the points the evaluator feels compelled to apportion.

Module 8 :  Editing the CVI’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.James Michener, 20th century Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Editing is a skill in its own right, which is precisely why newspapers have both reporters and editors . . . and frequently, never the twain harmoniously meet.

Module 8 demonstrates how to take a sub-optimal piece and make it flow and sing.

Module 9 :  The CV Owner As A Member of the Delivery Team

An optimised Curricula Vitae section will not only feature CVs that function as stand-alone entities, it will demonstrate clearly that the whole (i.e. the team) is even greater than the sum of its parts (i.e. the team members).