How to Innovate in Bids


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Single-module : 47 Pages + Cover

A single-module training course, designed for self-implementation by the enterprise, without the need for a formally qualified trainer.

The module comprises a series of educational sections and commentaries, each followed by a variety of action-oriented and/or deep-thinking team exercises.

The course is ideally conducted in a live classroom environment.

This is an annual subscription training product (with discounted renewal fees). For full details, please see bottom of course Description.


‘Innovation’ in the context of the big-ticket bidding space takes on a very specific definition.

It’s the bidder that demonstrates a deep and genuine grasp of this definition – and stays tightly guided by it in the “innovative approach” it is asked to propose in its submission – that is likely to be successful.

While I draw heavily on the high-value insights provided by my work on, and knowledge of, major and mega-project civil infrastructure bids (and share the comments and experiences of industry leaders), this training is of equal applicability and value to any B2B or B2G sector.

Specifically, it’s for bidders who want a deeper understanding of “innovation” . . .  along with a highly effective means of identifying, producing and proposing one in a client-centric manner.

Discussions include:

  • Defining innovation . . . taking it past vague and fluffy buzzword status.
  • The very specific, quantifiable benefits of innovation – both to the client / customer organisation and to the bidder.
  • The role of innovation in bid strategy.
  • Structured thinking is NOT “templated thinking”.
  • Specific, practical advice from a widely respected civil infrastructure senior operations executive.
  • Stimulating innovative thinking within a variety of proven frameworks.
  • Asking the right questions, the right way.
  • Using different personality types to best effect – individually and collectively.
  • Innovation and client comfort levels.
  • The 3 Levels of Innovation.

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