Cracking the VfM Code

How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting


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Book 1 in the Cracking the VfM Code duo, How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting, offers an unprecedented degree of insight into what it takes to produce a consistent record of value-for-money results in major public infrastructure projects.

This weighty, 350-page production is the result of two years’ background research and investigation by author, Jordan Kelly. It features numerous up-close-and-personal interviews with industry, thought and opinion leaders from around Australia, New Zealand and further afield, and captures in detail all aspects of the energetic and robust “VfM” debate.


  • Why it’s essential to Australia’s and New Zealand’s future to stretch the public infrastructure dollar further, and the role of collaborative contracting in achieving best value-for-project spend.
  • Why the private sector is such a hard sell for project alliancing.
  • The critical culture differences between the Australian and New Zealand movements that give Kiwi practitioners the edge.
  • How Australasia’s global leadership is it at risk of being overtaken by a surge of collaborative-style activity in the U.S. marketplace.
  • Why the perspectives and priorities of VfM and Treasuries, agencies and Non-Owner Participants can differ markedly and how to align objectives.
  • How to place an authoritative value on the less quantifiable elements of VfM.
  • The essentials about the mushrooming selection of new collaborative contracting hybrids.
  • How to produce competent, authoritative and meaningful business cases and VfM statements.
  • Why project owners need to be more involved in developing, and more realistic about, Target Outturn Costs (TOCs).
  • How to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) in the new price-competitive selection era.
  • Why non-price competitive alliancing is enjoying a resurgence for complex, risky projects.
  • How to demonstrate your understanding and competence in the delivery of VfM throughout the entire project.
  • Dramatically improve the readability and authoritativeness of your VfM Reports.
  • How companies are giving too much power away to facilitators and coaches.
  • How to optimise VfM from coaches, facilitators and other professional service providers.
  • What constitutes priority foci for effective governance and leadership into the future.

3 reviews for Cracking the VfM Code

  1. CMSadmin

    “She (Jordan Kelly) illuminates – in a way that no-one before her has – the subject of VfM.

    “Cracking the VfM Code™: How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting is a book that is as timely as it is timeless, both in its perspectives and in its content.”

    Steve Abson
    President (2009-2011)
    Queensland Major Contractors Association
  2. CMSadmin

    “Your book has seen our organisation take an elevated, improved approach to the whole Value for Money (VfM) question. You’ve inspired an additional focus on getting VfM clear – up front. This has worked its way right through the project development phases of our projects; all my project directors now think at this elevated level.

    “The book has also opened people’s eyes to the current issues surrounding the direction that alliances have been moving in. You have provided clarity about where we are taking relationship contracting per se.”

    Menno Henneveld
    Managing Director
    Main Roads Western Australia
  3. CMSadmin

    “Jordan has presented an excellent, easy-to-read collection of thoughts and insights by industry leaders. She takes the whole Value for Money concept and debate, and makes sense of it.

    “After reading her book, VfM will no longer seem some specialised ‘black box’ procedure (as previously perceived by the industry). Not only does the book look to the past to learn lessons for the future, Jordan also seeks to challenge the industry ‘brains trust’ over the specific potential for collaborative contracting to solve what have thus far proven enduring problems for our sector.”

    Wade Arthur
    Executive Manager
    CGI Consulting
    Melbourne, Australia
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