Bid Commandos



1,595 USD

A course comprising a set of ELEVEN (11) modules, designed for self-implementation by the enterprise, without the need for a formally qualified trainer.

Modules comprise a series of tuition sections. Each section is followed by a variety of action-oriented exercises that reinforce the learning value of that section. Depending upon the nature of the exercise in question, these can be undertaken by individuals, pairs or small groups – with detailed, step-by-step instructions provided for the Group Leader, as instructor.

The course is ideally conducted in a live classroom environment with electronic whiteboards (i.e. from which screen print-outs are possible).

This is an annual subscription training product (with discounted renewal fees). For full details, please see bottom of course Description.


Module 1 :  Move-Out Briefing & Materiel
8 Pages + Cover

The mindset, modus operandi, and materiel you and your team (“Unit”) need to make this learning mission a success.

Module 2 Understanding the Mission & Assessing Capability
31 Pages + Cover

‘If a battle cannot be won, don’t fight it.’The Art of War, Sun Tzu

And if ground isn’t worth taking, don’t invest the resources in trying to capture it.

Avoid the financial, time, labour and motivational carnage of an ill-advised battle by understanding the mission, the target, the competition, and the overall environment sufficiently to make a wise and savvy go / no go assessment.

Module 3 The Information Collection Plan
45 Pages + Cover

Determining, and amassing, the required information inputs to a pursuit strategy is, too often, either left to chance or undertaken in a largely haphazard manner – in even the most high-value bids.

Learn how a leader in a military pursuit would apply his or her skills to the task of planning the collection of critical data inputs.

Module 4 Selecting & Upskilling Your Frontline Assets
27 Pages + Cover

The skill, talent, diligence, character qualities – and the training – of the personnel who will liaise with the target organisation, will dictate the quality of the intelligence that informs the bid or pursuit strategy.

Module 5 :  Scanning the Horizon:  Observing the Target
43 Pages + Cover

Learn precisely why a top-grade submission is first and foremost about the client (target), before  it’s about the bidder . . . and why he who holds the best intel on the client is best positioned to win.

Gain an active appreciation for the advantages to be gained by acquiring deep-level  insights about the target . . . and how to employ that quality of intel to align your offering with the target’s “hottest hot buttons”.

Module 6 Scanning the Horizon:  Observing the Enemy
22 Pages + Cover

If, regarding the field of competition, you’re relying on assumptions, generalisations, or outdated information, you’re at every bit as much of a disadvantage as you would be if you knew nothing about the actual client organisation.

Assessing the field of rivalry – thoroughly – is not for the last-minute, slapdash operative.

He who knows neither self nor enemy will fail in battle every time. – The Art of War, Sun-tzu

Module 7 :  Converting Information into Intelligence
23 Pages + Cover

Information, in its own right, does not constitute “intelligence”. Information is only raw data, until it is processed into pursuit-winning intelligence.

It’s a task for the tenacious only. But it’s one of the most critical contributors to victory.

Module 8 :  Planning the Attack (i.e. Formulating the Bid Strategy)
44 Pages + Cover

Advance by bounds . . . by understanding that the core of the bid strategy planning process is akin to a battle plan and must be as minutely thought-out, and formally mapped out, as a mission-critical military battle plan would indeed require.

This is where you put to work all your info-and-intel efforts to ensure that – in the  final submission (battle) – you deftly manoeuvre your side through any and all enemy lines, as you align your offering’s strengths with the needs of the client/target and its vision for the subject of its procurement.

Module 9 :  Producing A Tangible  Battle Plan (i.e. Documenting  the Strategy)
26 Pages + Cover

If your bids are waffly, undirected and disconnected, and your section authors are floundering and unproductive, it’s probably because you believe that producing a detailed, user-friendly, join-the-dots, documented  bid strategy is unnecessary.

You may have – to date – believed that wallpapering your “war room” with a slew of basic, bullet pointed raw inputs on butcher’s paper, and then leaving your various section authors to (individually) mentally concoct a (supposedly, cohesive) strategy for themselves, is “best practice”.

Be prepared to be shown otherwise.

Module 10 Selecting & Assembling Your Support Troops
14 Pages + Cover

Making the most strategic selections for the bid production team, preparing them for the various roles, tasks and phases, and guiding them through these, is where the tank hits the track.

If the correct assets aren’t identified and recruited, chances are, you’ll lose the battle right there in your own war room.

Module 11 :  Dynamic De-Briefing
18 Pages + Cover

The value of a debriefing session is directly proportionate to how well each side prepares and participates. This is your best opportunity to learn the real reason/s behind your victory or your defeat.

Did you win? Did you take the ground?  Deconstruct your victory so you can do it again. And again. And again.

Did you lose? Did you suffer yet another humiliating defeat? Turn around a flagging win rate through savvy and strategic debriefing preparation and participation.

Important Description of the Nature of Your Course Purchase:

You are purchasing an annually renewable subscription for access to a series of 11 (eleven) Digital Rights Protected .pdf format training manuals (along with any additional material that may be added to the course, and/or to your customised portal, in the future).

Your subscription provides 16 access points (i.e. one instructor and 15 trainees), with your course portal fully set up and activated by a Jordan Kelly Administrator within the week – following your provision of basic information to allow access rights customisation.

Second year subscription: 1,195 USD (Subsequent years’ renewal fees TBA)

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