Beating the Big Boys at Bids


1,295 USD

A course comprising a set of FIVE(5) modules, designed for self-implementation by the enterprise, without the need for a formally qualified trainer.

Modules comprise a series of tuition sections. Each section is followed by a variety of action-oriented exercises that reinforce the learning value of that section. Depending on the nature of the exercise in question, these can be undertaken by individuals, pairs or small groups – with detailed, step-by-step instructions provided for the Group Leader, as instructor.

The course is ideally conducted in a live classroom environment with electronic whiteboards (i.e. from which screen print-outs are possible).

This is an annual subscription training product (with discounted renewal fees). For full details, please see bottom of course Description.


Module 1 :  How to Capitalise on An SME’s Natural Advantages
48 Pages + Cover

Identify, investigate and become skilled at capitalising on the surprising number of inherent, universal advantages of being one of the “small guys” when going up against corporate competitors in a bidding process.

Module 2 :  Coming in Under the Radar: Capitalising on Costly Corporate Arrogance
42 Pages + Cover

One of the most readily available competitive advantages an SME has over its bigger, well-heeled competitors, is the opportunity to capitalise on the average large corporation’s extraordinary, and very counterproductive, degree of arrogance.

Here’s how.

Module 3 :  Differentiation, Positioning & Asymmetric Warfare
38 Pages + Cover

Turn “the IBM factor” on its ear, by learning the foundation of successful differentiation, both at a company/industry level, and also at the level of an individual bid/tender competition.

Module 4 :   Flexibility, Customisation & the Broader Definition of Value
26 Pages + Cover

While your big-name competitors are lauding their size, their big-brand strengths, and their ability to pack multiple bells and whistles into their offer, learn how to identify the customer’s (deeper) definition of value for money as well as non-price-based value.

Module 5 Typical Assessments I’ve Made of Corporate Clients’ Submissions
35 Pages + Cover

An amalgamated and summarised commentary typical of the evaluation reports I’ve produced over the years for large, corporate sector clientele.

The smartest way to learn is from the mistakes of another. And there are plenty here to learn from.

Important Description of the Nature of Your Course Purchase

You are purchasing an annually renewable subscription for access to a series of five (5) Digital Rights Protected .pdf format training manuals (along with any additional material that may be added to the course, and/or to your customised portal, in the future).

Your subscription provides 16 access points (i.e. one instructor and 15 trainees), with your course portal fully set up and activated by a Jordan Kelly Administrator within the week – following your provision of basic information to allow access rights customisation.

Second year subscription: 970 USD (Subsequent years’ renewal fees TBA)

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