50 Essential Bid Writing Tips

Must-Know Standards, Methods & Insights for Writing Compelling Bids, Tenders and Proposals


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Professional bid-writing exhibits the same qualities as any other good writing. However, there are important additional elements that characterise effective bid copy.

Specifically, successful bid-writing is customer / client-centric, substance-based, and guided by a well-researched, savvily-formulated, documented-in-detail bid strategy. That strategy (the primary – but not exclusive – role of which is to address all known selection criteria) is then articulated clearly, consistently and compellingly throughout every section of the proposal.

The “mini-lessons” in 50 Essential Bid-Writing Tips expand on these two fundamentals of producing winning Expression of Interest (EOI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) responses and other forms of submission.

The book provides concisely packaged tuition on the timeless principles of bid-writing, as well as on somewhat more contrarian practices. It lays these out in a manner that’s easily understood and implemented by any level of writer or contributing subject matter expert.


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