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Delivery & Returns Policy

Delivery Times

Delivery is by priority airmail and, depending upon your location (but in most instances), is expected to be made between four and 14 working days.

However, please note that until the COVID-19 situation is fully relegated to the pages of history, we have no reliable guarantees over delivery timeframes.

If you’re concerned, please contact us so that we can either provide you with your parcel’s tracking number, or so that we can track it for you.

In the event of any totally unacceptable delay (and your advice to us of same), we will take full responsibility for either locating or replacing your ordered products.

Please advise us of any issues by emailing jk@operationcv.com

Damaged Items

If a book is received in a damaged condition, please return it to us and a replacement will be issued (free of charge and free of any further shipping charges) immediately upon receipt.

**Please inform us first by email (i.e. before returning products to us). ** jk@operationcv.com


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