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Client De-Briefs

'Best Possible Non-Price Inputs to A Winning Bid'

“Jordan does considerable research into the non-price attributes section of a tender to ensure it is project-specific (non-generic) and relevant.

“This serves to ensure the best possible non-price adjustments are made to the tendered price to achieve a winning bid.”

Tim Grammer
Senior Engineer
Fletcher Construction New Zealand

'Raised the Morale of the Bid Team . . . Personable & Stimulating'

“I first worked with Jordan when I was with a small technically-oriented company bidding for a major Government project. She quickly realised that we lacked the ‘big picture’ on how to present ourselves and our proposal to the many and varied stakeholders who would contribute to the final decision.

“Her strategic thinking led us well outside our normal comfort zone, but she was able to convince us that her approach was the most likely to win over the doubters and the risk-averse.

“Along the way she wrote much professional and excellent copy, and greatly raised the morale of the bid team (who were ultimately successful).

“I strongly recommend Jordan for her ability to think creatively but clearly, and to communicate the results in a personable and stimulating manner.”

John Lush
Principal Consultant
John Lush & Associates
Technology Project Managers, Australia

'Re-defined Our Value Proposition'

“We called Jordan in because the increasing pace of mergers and acquisitions within the IT and Communications industry was beginning to see Allaw lose vital relationship continuity with our large corporate clients. This was eroding a significant part of our long-standing business base.

“It was important not only to reposition our services with the identified new key partners within those client organisations (clients such as NCR, HP-Compaq, Nortel Networks) but also to re-define our value proposition, in order to strengthen our relationship with them.

“Jordan played an essential role in helping us define our offering, along with its strategic and competitive strengths. Importantly, she also helped us align these with the clients’ needs in such a manner that we became their only sensible choice of service provider.”

Walter Schwalbe
Director of Business Development
Allaw Pty Ltd (Vendor Warranty Service)
Sydney, Australia

'You Are Obviously A Very Talented Strategic Writer'

“I have received the final copy of my new-business proposal. Just to let you know that I am very happy with this document. I do feel very fortunate that our paths crossed as you have produced something on my behalf which will provide me with a distinct competitive edge.

“You have made this process very simple; you are obviously a very talented strategic writer and your ability to quickly understand my business needs has been very impressive. Thank you also for your quick turnaround time and the very professional service you have provided to me.”

Robyn Norman
General Manager – Compulsory Third Party
QBE Insurance Group Australia

'Conveyed Our Message Clearly & Succinctly'

“Jordan has helped us immensely in conveying our message clearly and succinctly.

“When it comes to sharing the story, she has an amazing ability to script it.”

Paul Crowley
Vice President – South Pacific
Eagle Global Logistics (Aust.)

'I Can See Everything Really Clearly Now'

“I’ve been reading through some of the documentation we were sending to clients before we started our coaching with you, and cringing.

“I can see everything we were doing wrong really clearly now.”

Bid team member
Construction sector
North Queensland

'You Taught Me to See Bid Strategy from A Different Perspective'

“You have taught me a new ‘way of thinking’. No templates can take the place of analysing information for a tender process, formulating strategy and preparing a ‘tailored solution’ to suit the client. I look forward to applying these new skills in my everyday work and future bids.

“You have taught me to see bidding strategy from a different perspective. You reinforced the fact that we have to connect with the client on all levels, not just the economic level but also on the emotional level. The course was extremely intense but you kept us on the right track, keeping us focused to ensure we saw the ‘bigger picture’. It was a very rewarding session.

“Thank you, Jordan!”

Steven Chir
Southern Region Sales Engineer
Ecotech Pty Ltd
Melbourne (Head Office)

'The skill sets she teaches are highly relevant to our business'

“The skill sets she teaches are highly relevant to our business. They can make a huge difference in converting opportunities into prospects, or even creating opportunities in the first place. She has a great coaching style, and whenever resistance arose she handled it well in my view.

“She also showed us how to weave some of her own magic through our writing, to create continuity, relevance and a compelling, readable style. I picked up some great ideas, techniques and principles in these sessions, which I’ll be putting into practice immediately.”

Andrew Paterson
Alliance Manager
Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd

Her Bid Strategy & Writing Coaching is 'Practical, Specific, Logical and Detailed'

“Jordan has really given us the ability to think in detail from a client’s point of view when preparing a bid.

“Being International Business Manager and dealing across different continents, I can proudly say that Jordan will help you to upgrade your thinking skills when dealing with every type of bid or client.

“Her coaching is very practical, specific, logical and detailed.


Manoj Kumar
International Business Manager
Ecotech Pty Ltd
Melbourne (Head Office)

'The training programs are well-organised, totally interactive and extremely challenging'

“The training program she produced for us was well-organised, totally interactive and extremely challenging.”

James Agius
Operations Manager
Ecotech Pty Ltd


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