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The Mining Dilemma: There May Well Be An Answer

As my regular readers will be aware, I have an extensive track record in the infrastructure / civil engineering sector (among other industries). As part of my work within that sector, I’ve been exposed to the “project alliancing” delivery methodology – a contractual format that effectively cleared huge backlogs of public infrastructure projects during the overheated construction market years of 1995-2009.

Despite this performance, alliancing remains a concept shrouded in mystery in sectors that are yet to avail themselves of its use – including the mining industry. This is the subject of the third book in my Cracking the VfM Code series i.e. Cracking the VfM Code in Mining: Pros & Cons of Collaborative Contracting in the Resources Sector.

Here’s why this form of collaborative contracting may offer a much-needed solution to the Australian mining industry’s cost escalation woes.


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